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OCAPLTA 13th Annual Symposium 

October 22nd 11:30am

Land VP Panel Discussion

Drew Hopkins | Director of Business Development - Land Information Services, LLC - Moderator

Brian Carlozzi, CPL | Vice President - Land - RKI Energy Resources, LLC

Robert P. Costello | Vice President - Land & General Counsel - Tapstone Energy, LLC

Bryan E. Hennigan, CPL | Vice President - Exploration & Development - Mustang Fuel Corporation

Serena Buck, CPL | Vice President - Land - Ascent Resources, LLC

The New Face of Energy: How to Survive & Thrive in the Oil & Gas Industry Today

Heather Powell, CPL | President & CEO - Ventana Exploration & Production

Federal Exploratory Units & Horizontal Development

Jon Sivertson, CPL | Land Supervisor - Chesapeake Energy Corporation

"Volcanoes & Shale Plays in the US - Two Very Hot Topics"

Gayle Riggs | Consulting Petroleum Geologist

Energy Transactions & Drafting: A Look into Modern Deals & Acquisitions

Jordan Volino | Counsel - 89 Energy | Land Run Minerals

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